Pulling Camera Settings from EXIF

I’m trying to save time on pulling camera settings from a photos EXIF data.

Instead of having to go into an app each time, if like to run a shortcut on a photo and have it output the Camera, Lens, Shutter Speed, Aperature and ISO.

The raw EXIF data has it and some of the various EXIF apps like Metapho, can output the raw data unformatted.

Any help is appreciated.

You can access the EXIF data directly in Photos using the “Info” button. Do you need it as text output?

i think the OP wanted this info without opening an app, i.e. from finder.

You could write a script that uses ExifTool.


Yes. I want to be able to run a shortcut, Apple script, etc to select a photo, run, and generate a text output with camera settings.

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