Puppy ate my cable: Need Recommendation

My puppy is cute and percocious (my wife says the same about me but that’s another story :rofl:). Today my puppy got into my computer bag and ruined a ~11" USB-C to USB-C cable. I need to replace it but I can’t find anything similar that is also MFi-Certified. Ideally, I’d like nylon but not a requirement. Everything I find is either longer or don’t list the cable as MFi-Certified.

Any recommendations?

She looks knowingly guilty. :grinning:


As far as I know, there is no “Mfi” for USB-C only cables.
“Mfi” was important with the Lighting cables.

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Well that explains it. I thought that was a general certification for Apple. Thanks for the clarification.

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This may be overkill but I remember what the small damaged cable is for. Anyone have experience with this sort of cable?

Trade her in for a cat….no need to worry whether it’s MFI-Certified.:wink:

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I don’t get along well with litter boxes. :blush:


Ok…per the article, I think I know why I don’t have the ‘problem’. My three are 14 years old (sisters) and are only concerned with food and sleep, not necessarily in that order.

That Anker cable should work just fine. It might be a little less flexible than your old cable, but you should be able to loop it safely in the bag without damaging it.

Cute pupetrator!

What an awesome description! :blush:

I’m using these…

And this stuff is great to prevent chewing.

Thanks, I’ll check these out.

I have been using these two and you can never go wrong with either of them. Both are of great quality.


You do not say what use the cable has for you. If the cable is solely for charging, USB 2 specs are fine. Otherwise, for best data transfer rates go with the highest USB 3.x spec you can find. Or get a Thunderbolt 4.x cable.



Another cable source for your consideration: