Purchase Recommendations (Speakers)

So it’s official. My computer speakers died. I was using Logitech Z313 Speakers and now it just buzzes loudly or starts making some clicking noises when I try to listen to stuff.

What computer speakers does everyone use and recommend?

My uses

  1. Entertainment (Watching movies)
  2. Gaming
  3. I thought about feeding it into the Focusrite Scarlett but not sure. I think headphones are better to monitor and edit it with.

I’m a fan of these, and have a few sets, one of which is attached to my Focusrite but plays any of my Mac audio (unless I switch to headphones). [edit:] I also have a pair attached to my tv, and another in the bedroom for music.

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0

I think the sound is good, and the price is nice.

I use the old model of those: Presonus Eris E4.5 BT
You can get a tremendous amount of quality sound out of those for the comparably low price. I find them more than solid. Better than most of the consumer speakers you can buy, as they share technology from Presonus’ studio line of reference monitors.
You can also get the smaller Presonus Eris E3.5 BT, which sometimes are sold for $99.

Not sure if it is still the case with the current model, but the old version would mix inputs from various devices. So you could pair your phone via Bluetooth, while connecting your computer via cable and it would play both sounds simultaneously. This allows for very seamless switching.

If I was buying new computer speakers today, I would likely consider something by this company:

I have the big Eris E8 monitors connected to an Airport Express, and use it as an AirPlay speaker. I like them a lot, great bang for the buck, so I’d 2nd the suggestion for one of the smaller Eris units too, even though I haven’t heard those $200 BlueTooth speakers

I use the wired AudioEngine A2+ powered speakers in black connected to my iMac and I really love them. I think the model is being deprecated since you can only buy the glossy red color ($219) from the manufacturer now; it seems to be supplanted by an updated wired+ BlueTooth version ($269), available in three colors.

Previously, for almost 15 years I used wired Harmon & Kardon Soundsticks ($199) which have better bass than my Audioengine speakers, but I still prefer the Audioengine ones.

I have a pair of the bamboo AudioEngine A5 speakers. Have had these for about 7 years, and they still sound great. The only problem I’ve had is the little power light went out a little while ago. I also bought little stands that are made for them, that tilt them back, to aim them upwards (assuming they’re sitting on your desk). They’re a little pricey, but worth it.

AudioEngine sell cute angled rubber(?) stands for my A2+ but I thought they were way overpriced at $30ish, so I ended up just getting these generic foam pads (currently unavailable, but you can find alternative for $11) on Amazon.

The A2-series doesn’t have any lights, which for me is a plus!

I second the recommendation of Audioengine. I purchased a pair of the A5+ speakers and set them up in my office. The sound is excellent, the quality of the speakers’ construction and included accessories is exceptional, and I really like the company. I’ve had mine for almost four years now.

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Maybe I can bump in here with a request of my own. The recommended speakers are all great, but can anyone recommend a set that:

  1. Is under $130
  2. Connects via USB
  3. Has a control knob for the desk?

I have had the Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 for a couple of years and while they’ve been good, lately, the volume control has been iffy (e.g. if the knob is nudged a little, the sound will cut in and out.)

For various reasons, I like the USB for the speakers so I can leave headphones plugged in to the sound out port of my iMac. (I don’t want to wear headphones all the time.)

Thoughts on JBL 305PMKII 5inch speakers??

Do you have the sub-woofer for the A2+ ?

Do you use a subwoofer for yours?

Nope. Don’t need it. It just has a little less bass than the Soundsticks, which come with a subwoofer.

But I do use Rogue Amoeba’s SoundSource menu bar app to customize my EQs by app, and its design makes it easy to customize and change settings. (And it can apply AU plugins too.)

No, the 4.5 version is sufficient for my needs (small office … for serious bass needs I’ll use my home-cinema/audio setup, which includes a SVS SB-2000). It’s however important to note that the Eris E3.5 and E4.5 BT versions work with rear bass reflex. So they are best positioned with their back against a solid wall (not on a free standing desk or infront of glass windows), but there needs to be some distance to that wall and they shouldn’t face the wall straight up to avoid reflexion of the sound waves. So always angle them towards your listening position.