Put Google Calendar on the wall?

Has anyone tried using DAKboard? It allows you to turn a screen into a digital command center of sorts. I love the idea of wall calendars, but things just change too quickly and we need our calendars digital.

Since I have a spare monitor and a raspberry pi somewhere, I’m considering trying this! Has anyone had any experience with it?


I love this. I just bought an iPad to basically do this same thing, plus run the Home app. It’s going to be attached to the fridge.

Oh, what a cool idea! I will soon (hopefully!) have a spare screen that’s not the greatest but would do well for this kind of thing. We have a 55" TV at work which cycles through a bunch of dashboard-style web pages. It could be an interesting idea at home, too!

Thank you for the link!
That is a very nice thing…

Cool. Can see a flatscreen TV on the wall fed by a Raspberry Pi version of this.

Definitely cheaper and more flexible and silent than a Vestaboard.

Something for @MacSparky’s new studio

They’ve got some great integrations as well

Yeah … the Vestaboard is not in my future for awhile now I think.

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The cool flippy noise is kind of the point of a Vestaboard. :wink:

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I was thinking just yesterday that I’d like a daily routine checklist like this (on my wall, but adaptable). I might dust off my iPad Pro and wall mount it.

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I bought a couple small round magnets and stuck them to the back of mine and attached it to my fridge, along with a magnetic adapter for the power cord that lets me easily take it on and off. It works nicely.

I used my iPad first gen on the fridge for recipes, a calendar, and a shared grocery list in the now defunct Wunderlist. The case and magnet I used are no longer made, but Amazon lists several for modern iPads

just ‘discovered’ this discussion thread. Just wondering I can use Dakboard on a Google Hub Max or the regular Google Hub. Tried to look for it on the Dakboard web site but not clear to me on the FAQ

Specifically, I want to have the Home Assistant Dashboard on the Google Hub (Gen 1)