Putting shortcuts to cloud services on the desktop which is in iCloud - any ideas?

I nuked and paved my iMac because it was giving too many problems, during the reinstall I was offered to put my desktop and documents in the cloud. I had heard many good reports, so I thought I would try it since my 13" MacBook has a small SSD. Now it can share all my documents and such.

Now, I have all my church documents in a sinology Drive folder and before I did this iCloud thing I had a shortcut to the church document folder in my documents and a shortcut to a sync folder on my desktop. Now that my documents and desktop are floating around appleā€™s cloud, I am wondering if I need them hosted in the sinology NAS. Another question is with the desktop and documents in the cloud, can I get them on my iPad and iPhone. I am still researching that. Any thoughts on using desktop and documents in the could and still having a solid back-up of important stuff and having a place to since stuff between all computers and devices.

So I have found my desktop and documents in the Files app on my devices. So that answers that. So I guess my question is this: If I do a Carbon Copy Backup every night, will it grab the documents and desktop folders that are in the cloud or is there another way?

I can comment on what may be an analogous situation. I have iCloud syncing turned on for Desktop and Documents. There are still local copies on my MacBook Pro. When I back up with SuperDuper!, the backup copy has all of the Desktop and Documents files and folders.