[Q]: Help with Music Syncing on Catalina?

I’m still an old school person with over 100,000 songs in iTunes because they don’t exist in streaming music services. I have always been a very big iTunes user.

I get the new change to Apple Music and Finder to Sync which works great.

The first time I synced my iPhone it is taking over two hours. The only notification is next to my phone in Finder is a Circle that keeps growing. However, there are no logs or messages to know what is syncing.

In the old iTunes it always showed Syncing 1 of 45000, etc so it gave a message at least.

Does anyone know if there is a way to find what is happening?

100.000 songs not in itunes

This may be a strange question, but what type of music is this?

I play and collect Polka Music. Mainly traditional Polish Polka Music. I have over 4000 Lp’s over that past 60 years converted to MP3s. These are from 78s, 45s and Lps from the 50-80s.

Yes, it might be obscure but only new music is available digitally but not thru iTunes.