Qi chargers - with or without adapter?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to get my first Qi charger and I’m having decision fatigue. I know I want a stand – it’s for my desk – so I can look at the iPhone easily while working. I’ve narrowed down to brands like Anker or Samsung (the wirecutter pick).

Where I get confused is the array of stands that come with or without adapters. Ideally, I’d like to plug the cable into the hub on my desk … but the stands without adapters caution you that if you don’t have the right (i.e., matching voltage) adapter, the charger won’t work.

is it worth the extra $13-15 and the extra outlet space to get the adapter? Hoping those of you with Qi chargers can enlighten me!


I have two RavPower docks. The first I bought (Model# RP-PC013) when the iPhone X and 8 came out and it works just fine plugged into my LG 4k monitor using a USB-C to MicroUSB cable. You should be able to use this dock with a powered hub. My wife decided she liked the dock, so I gave it to her to take to work and ordered a second RavPower dock. The new one (model # RP-PC069) only works if I plug it into the wall using a dedicated adapter.

My 2 cents, if your hub is powered you have a reasonable chance of being able to plug your wireless charger into it. If your hub is passive (without its own power source), I doubt it will work.

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Agree with @climbingguy about the nature of your hub. I ended up going with an adaptor just because it’s more versatile. If I ever change set up or want to use it in another location (my fifteen month old can now reach my desk and just loves to “talk” on Mummy’s phone), I at least have some options.

It doesn’t look as neat, though, and it is one more cord into the pile of cables on or under the desk.

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While on the pricey side, I have to say that of all the Qi docks that I have, the Mophie model that Apple sells directly is the best charger I’ve used. It stays cool and comes with it’s own adapter. Luckily, throughout the years I’ve managed to keep a fair number of my iPad charging blocks and have used them for the other dock types I have (Kmashi, Anker).