QNAP DAS Potential Issue ...?

Mac Mini 2018, QNAP TR-004U DAS.

I’ve been untarring some backup data on this drive the past few days, and it seemed like everything was good - it was reading, opening files, writing, etc. But in the last day every time I tried to fire up an app like Forklift, I was getting the spinning blue ball. So I figured something may be wonky, and I rebooted.


  • In Disk Utility, the disk shows up but I get the spinning blue ball every time I try to access it
  • QNAP’s management software is convinced that everything is healthy, but shows 0 KB / 24.0 TB

There should be 19 TB or so of data on this drive. Nothing weird with lights on the device or anything.

Theoretically I have all the data in Backblaze, so I could restore if something was weird, but right now I can’t even get the drive to show me basic stuff in Disk Utility. It’s not greyed out, it’s not running an fsck.

So I couldn’t even blast the volume and start over.

Any ideas what might be going on?

couple of things to try by ruling out computer, cable and DAS:

try DAS on other Mac to see if it connects (rule out computer)
shutdown both computer and DAS, and disconnect the DAS before rebooting the computer. Boot Mac first then DAS and only after both have completed booting connect them again. (rule out OS issues on either side)

If that doesn’t work try swapping the connection cable used and see if it works (rule out cable)

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