QR code reader that just reports the link text

Can anyone recommend an iOS app or workflow that will scan a QR code and just report the text that it contains? I’ve tried using the stock Camera app, SwiftScan and CodeReader and they all seem to use a web engine to pull up the pdf from an Amazon web services server, with no option to just copy and paste the shortened link that the QR code actually contains.

Actually, got this far in the post and figured I should probably have a look at Shortcuts to see what I could come up with there.

Solved my problem like this:-

4 simple steps



Well then, case closed I suppose :slight_smile: Otherwise, I like Qrafter and have used it for years - it doesn’t do much but just what is is supposed to. Still being maintained too for new iOS releases.

I have been using an App with the very generic name “Scan” for that.

Apparently I still have the App installed, but it is no longer compatible with the current iOS version…


I did a quick search, but many Apps are full of ads and/or require a subscription…

So looking forward to suggestions as well!

Shortcuts is the way!

Here’s one I made earlier: Get Text from QR Code


Oo, I like that Qrafter shows both the text in the QR code and the address that any short code resolves to and keeps a history. Thanks for the heads up.

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