Question about apple music and limitations

So I have now moved to Apple Music from Spotify with the addon of using the ios app Albums:

I do have some question about storage and song limits. I read somewhere about a 100.000 song limit. I mass hoard albums and add them to my library, but is this a bad decision in the long run if I pretty quickly hit the limit? Is there any workaround, like playlists being okay or some setting that keeps the music in the cloud and therefore it being ok??

Music you purchase from Apple doesn’t count against the 100K limit. AFAIK there are no workarounds. Have you considered putting part of your library on a Plex server?

How does that help with the 10k limit?
I also don’t quite get why they have this limit. Spotify doesn’t have any limit like that, but I really wan’t to use Apple Music. :confused:

I’m perfectly fine with having the library in the cloud and not locally on my machine - but I don’t understand the documentation, does that count for the song limit or is it only if you download the songs for offline use?

AFAIK, Apple has no download limit (unlike Spotify). The limit is effectively the space on your device.

The 100k limit is the maximum number of songs in your library. If you think you’re going to go over that, Apple Music isn’t for you.

And Spotify has no maximum number of songs in the library - that’s so sad! I really want to use Apple Music. Would make sense to remove that limit, and have a limit on downloaded songs (in my opinion).

I’ll continue using Apple Music, adding more and more songs, each day hoping that they will remove that limit. When the day comes that it is full, I guess I’ll have to move back to Spotify.

Thank you for the clarification!

I thought you meant that you have around 100,000 local music tracks (purchased or ripped, etc) that you would want to upload to Apple.

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I see! No this is all about the streaming service. But thanks!!

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To add to the confusion I experience on the internet, I just received this answer on the Apple Community:

" There is 100k limit relating to the number of tracks that you own that can be added to Apple Music. This limit does not apply to iTunes Store purchases or tracks from Apple Music catalog"

This user says there is no limitation for adding songs to the library if they are from Apple Musics catalog.

The confusion continues! I guess I just have to see for myself when I reach that limit.

As far as I understand it if you add music either from iTunes Store purchase or that is present in the Apple Music catalog (the one from which you stream music paying the monthly fee) the counter does not go up.

So you must ask yourself if the music you hoard and add is present into the AM catalog :smiley:

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Great! That is the case - thanks!

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