Question about Apple Podcasts Connect

Hey all - finally finished editing a podcast I’m doing with colleagues and I’m beginning the process of uploading it and posting it places using Anchor. So far so good! I’m at the step where I’m beginning to work on the distribution to other platforms - for Apple Podcasts, I’m asked to log into an iCloud account.

Anyone with any experience doing this? Am I going to run into issues if just use my personal iCloud? I don’t necessarily want to create a new iCloud account just to upload podcasts.

I use my personal account without issue. If you ever imagine a scenario where the podcast exists outside of your control (through sale, change in leadership, etc.) you should use a different account. It’s not something you have to log into often, so if you do have to create a new one it’s not that big a deal IMO.

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Thank you! I appreciate your help - good to know there’s at least one other person doing the same thing, ha!