Question about Apple Watch Series 2

Is it possible for a heart sensor to go bad? Lately, I have been noticing that my exercise ring has been closing slower when I’m on the treadmill. I had 6 exercise minutes when I got on the treadmill and it’s only up to 14 minutes now and I have been on the treadmill for 28 minutes with sweat dripping off me. It seems to take longer for the watch to charge at times too. I was trying to wait until the fall for the series 5, but thinking I will upgrade sooner.

Are you relying on the watch to start and stop automatically your workout or are you starting them manually? If the later, than it’s not normal, if you rely on the watch to start and stop when it thinks you are working out, then that’s normal, since it may take you a little while to get in the right heartrate that the Apple watch thinks you’re working out and not just going up a flight of stares;-) I always start and stop my workout manually, either with Apple’s own workout app (for my walks), or Runtastic when I strength train. YMMV.

I start the workout myself. The watch has never started for me. Last night, my workout stopped, which I didn’t notice until after I was on the treadmill for about 25 minutes.

I have got exercise minutes from going up and down stairs. I had the treadmill speed at 3.0 and wasn’t getting anything.

I had similar problems with my Series 2 early last month. The battery is fine, it turned out. It just needed to restart. I unpaired the watch and reset the watch as new. All is well now, acting like a new watch.

This article from iMore was very helpful.

I am watching the internets for rumors on series 5.

Is this a new behavior for your watch or something that just started? Maybe you changed the wrist band and it’s looser so the heartrate is not registered correctly? Like Tvillemv said, start by restarting the watch, next step reset it etc…

When you paired it again, did you lose any data?

I had things come up, but it was intermittent. Haven’t changed my band since December.

Right, a tight watchband is essential for heart monitor. I find the sport bands do the best job with the least discomfort.

Most of the important data is stored on the iPhone. I think you might lose music and photos stored on the Watch but they can easily be re-loaded.

I don’t have any music or photos on the watch. I’m in the midst of a weekly challenge, but once it is finished I will be unpairing/repairing the watch.

Thank you for the information.