Question about Logitech MX Keys / MX Master 3

As I understand it, the keyboard and mouse can be tied to up to 3 different computers and a keypress moves between them.

As well, I think there are options for both to come with a dongle.

Is the dongle specific to the keyboard / mouse or can I put one dongle in computer A and have both the keyboard and mouse connect to that computer via that dongle and then put the second dongle in computer B and have both use that dongle.

I’m thinking this would avoid having to use bluetooth for them.


One dongle to rule them all.

It’s called Unified receiver and it can be paired with multiple devices.

I have three dongles, one in a MacBook Pro, one in an iMac and the other in a (work) windows laptop.

Using ‘flow’ which is part of the logi software you can switch between the three without having to manually switch.

I have multiple dongles and paired them to each of the three settings. Laptop, desktop and work laptop. You can use the Logitech Unifying software to pair them with each dongle: Unifying Software – Logitech Support + Download

Make sure you don’t buy the “Business” version of the MX Keys and MX Master 3 as they use a different wireless protocol called “logi bolt” and need different dongles (which I think are not yet available for separate purchase)

Just an FYI, the ‘Mac’ version of this mouse does not include the Unified Receiver. I have the non-Mac version, and it works just fine with my Mac, iPad, work laptop (Windows 10) and Raspberry Pi.

And while I have the Unified Receiver I use the mouse over Bluetooth.

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