Question about Monthly AppleCare+

Finally Apple is bringing some new additions to the Canadian Store, namely they are introducing monthly AppleCare+ and personal financing on their devices.

Just wondering how monthly AppleCare+ works, is it a monthly subscription that stays active as long as I am paying it, or it is a monthly subscription to the maximum of two years? In other words, can it extend to 3 or 4 years?

Thanks everyone.

On the U.S. store there are two options, stated pretty much as you described it. You can buy a two-year plan that ends after 24 months for $X U.S.D., or you can by a plan charged to your card monthly until you terminate it, for $Y/month U.S.D.

It’s till Apple drops support for that hardware.

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Note that at least for the iPhone 13 X=149 while Y=7.99, and 24Y = 191.76, so you are paying $42 just for the privilege to extend beyond two years.

It might look cheaper to buy monthly if you intend to trade in every year, however AppleCare has a prorated refund (or at least it used to have) so you can get roughly half of the $149 back.

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Just make sure to keep an eye on it. The Apple Care was set to expire in 5 days for my iPad Air and I just so happened to have caught it!

Also, worth noting - some retailers (Best Buy is a particular example) do something weird where they register the AppleCare, and they basically become a billing intermediary for the monthly bill. My girlfriend bought AppleCare at the local Best Buy, chose the monthly option, and discovered later that Best Buy handled the billing for the first two years - then cancelled it.

In other words, the “I’ll pay monthly and go beyond the 2 years” option wasn’t available.

We had to call Apple and Best Buy and jump through some hoops to get the old AppleCare removed and a new AppleCare plan hooked up in my girlfriend’s name.

Actually its better if you take the standard 2 years AppleCare+ and once the 24 months are don, it gives you 30 days to enroll into the monthly plan. So you don’t have to opt in right from day 1.


Now that’s good to know!

Thanks everyone for your help!

Amazing! Thanks for sharing that.