Question about NAS drive and set up

Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of guidance about setting up a NAS drive with my Mac. I’ve down some reading around the subject and before I start the actual set up, I thought it would be sensible to double check my understanding.

My set up:
I have a Mac mini in my study at home. Because my study is tucked away in the corner of the house, the WiFi was appalling. So I paid for a chap to hardwire up to my study. So, my Mini is connected via Ethernet to my router, which runs outside my house, downstairs, back inside my house back to my router. The socket in my study has a single input.

I have purchased a NAS drive. I’d ideally like to have this in my study (for security reasons).

I would like to connect my Mac Mini and my NAS drive to the single port in my study. I have purchased a Ethernet switch. Am I right in assuming that if I link both my Mini and my NAS into the switch and then wire the switch into the upstairs port, that should work?

Thanks very much indeed

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Should work. Did you try?


Just about to! Wanted to double check before I crack on. Always nice to get some reassurance before one tries these things!

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Further reassurance.

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Thanks John. I’m normally okish with software. But hardware terrifies me for some reason.

I’m the same way. Software is no problem, but hardware has always been like “Ok, here we go."