Question about Obsidian

I know this isn’t the place to ask this, but I can’t seem to get into the Obsidian Discord…feeling frustrated. I had this working so nicely and now it’s screwed up and almost unusable.

Just updated and got the tabs setup. I was using 3 panes with SlideOver. Now I see 3 tabs with very small type, narrow columns and big gaps between them. I want to edit and focus on one tab and use the other two just for reference. How do I get the two reference tabs to shrink or hide? How to I get the editing column to use all its space and not just half of it?

Can you add a screen shot?

I agree. The Obsidian forum is very very very active. Hard to keep up.

For using splits:

  1. From within a file, you can use the “Split right” to open a file in a pane to the right side (you can also split vertically, that is now called Split down in the menu).
    Bonus tip: you can just type /and split into the active pane and the option will show up. Then is just a matter of hitting Enter/Return.

  2. ⌘ ⌥ Enter/Return will open it in a split from the Quick Open dialog as well. Obsidian v1 release notes show a few more keyboard shortcuts for that matter:

Action MacOS Windows/Linux
Navigate None None
New Tab ⌘ (+ Shift in Source Mode) Ctrl (+ Shift in Source Mode)
New Tab Group ⌘⌥ CtrlAlt
New Window ⌘⌥Shift CtrlAltShift
  1. If you already have the tab open and a split file, you can drag and drop the tab into that pane. Else, should you not have the split open, just drag the tab to the right/left of your note and an overlay will show up (see screenshot bellow), drop it and you got yourself a new split (Tab Group in new Obsidian Parlance).

There’s also the tab stacks feature that will not give you persistant side panes, but can help you in narrower screens.

In yet another way to use it, you can even mix a split using tabs and another using tab stacks, as seen here in my red and blue markups from Obsidian’s own update post:

Obsidian Discord (and pretty much all discord for that matter) is very… busy to my taste (and many others, as it may seen). Obsidian Discourse, however, (aka Obsidian Forum) is far more manageable.