Question about TestFlight

For a long time I was interested to try Overcast, but it is not available in my country and today I realized, that I could try it via TestFlight. I’ve never tested any app in TestFlight before, so I do not understand how this thing works. When the current testing ends, will I be able to continue in a new one? And is it possible to use the application continuously for a long time in this way, like for several years?

You need an invitation to try out Apps on TestFlight.

I already got Overcast and use it, it’s open beta I guess

There is also a testing period associated with the version you’re using, I believe it defaults to 90 days. After that, if the developer hasn’t pushed a new version, the one you have on the phone won’t work and will be expired. I don’t know if a developer can remove that limitation

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Per “ When testing is done, you can optionally expire a build to stop testing it. If you don’t expire your build and submit it to the App Store, testers that received an invitation to test will still be able to test your build even after it goes live on the App Store. Your build will become unavailable for testers after 90 days.”