Question re cellular Apple Watch

Hi cellular apple watch owners. I have question that I can’t find the answer to online so wondered if anyone can enlighten me.

I’m considering upgrading from S2 GPS to S5 cellular/LTE. One ‘justification’ for the extra expense would be if I could receive a call or call notification while swimming. I am ‘on call’ for work a lot of the time and don’t like to be out of reach for the 30 mins I am lap swimming. Seems a simple question but apparently not one anyone has ever asked before on the internet…

I’m sorry, what is the question?

Can you receive a call or call notification on the Apple Watch cellular when swimming.

I think when a call comes in you just turn the digital crown to turn off water lock, thus reactivating the touchscreen

FWIW, I used to be on call most of the time too. IMO, if you want to upgrade and can afford to, buy the S5.

But unless you are responsible for saving lives, don’t worry about being out of reach for 30 minutes.

Life’s too short.


I did the upgrade too when I was job hunting. Reception may be influenced on where your pool is located. In my health club the pool is indoors and it and the surrounding area have so much rebar it is almost a faraday cage. No signal. I have to preload my workout in the MySwimPro app before entering the pool area.

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I just tested this. When you receive a call and have water lock on, your watch will ring. When you look at the watch, you’ll see the big green answer button with the water symbol in the upper right. It looks like you can tap to answer, but it just doesn’t do anything since it’s locked (I wasted a couple rings trying to do this.)

So you have to turn off the water unlock, which takes a ring or two. When you turn the crown to unlock, there’s a few seconds after filling the water symbol when the crown unlock tone and vibrations are played and you can’t do anything until that clears. That used up another couple rings. After that I was able to tap the green button to answer.

Because of the delays involved here, I think I would miss a real call while swimming unless I noticed it right away.


Unfortunately I am :frowning:

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I think this would be enough, particularly if it could vibrate. Just a notification to stop for a moment and call back. The on call calls usually come from one of two locations, so not too hard to track down (both call locations block caller ID)

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Luckily in Australia most of our pools are outdoors :slight_smile:

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Hmm the website states is waterproof to 50 meters (170ft) wander if I could take it diving.
Cant wait for someone to develop an app using the pressure sensor :slight_smile:

The club has an outdoor pool too - not heated during our winter months, but overheated during the summer with water temps in the upper 80s, not conducive to swimming a work out.

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If your phone is nearby, it will ring whether or not it’s a cellular or non-cellular watch. If your phone is out of range, then it will be nice to have the cellular watch as you will have service independent of your iPhone. I like having a cellular watch just because it’s freeing to leave my phone behind once in a while.