Quick Look Plugins

Haven’t seen many topics about the built-in Quick Look. It is very useful for me to sneak a look at different files with different formats. Just came across this GitHub page where you can find some useful plugins to enhance your Quick Look experience.

And also in this page



This is a great find. Thank you!

I love that there is one to view Commodore (CBM) files :joy: Brings back so many great memories of my VIC-20 and C64.

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I have a few of the ones on that page, as well as ones installed by apps I’ve downloaded. The 3rd party Quick Look plugins I have installed look into the contents files from OmniOutliner, EverNote, comic files, Ulysses, Markdown documents, Opal, Fountain-format documents, Business Card Composer files, Highland, Scapple, iThoughts, MindNode, MacJournal, Notebook, Luminar, Soulver, Capto and a couple of others, including anything created in the TextBundle Format, and the ability to peek into .zip files to see a hierarchical listing of contents.

Years ago someone created a plugin to look into ePubs the same way you can natively scan through pdf files but it was abandoned and broke, and the only replacement I found that (sometimes) works merely the shows the cover page of ePubs. I also use the Suspicious Package plugin on that page to check out installer packages before double-clicking.


Recently came across Glance. A QL plugin that does

  • Source code (.cpp, .js, .json, .py, .swift, .yml and many more)
  • Markdown (.md, .markdown, .mdown, .mkdn, .mkd, .Rmd)
  • Archive (.tar, .tar.gz, .zip)
  • Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb)
  • Tab-separated values (.tab, .tsv)

Free on the Mac App Store.


It seems that the app is “hot and fresh”. Good to know it. Thanks!

and now mothballed :frowning: