Quick Look Simulator?

I’ve never seen this come up before. I received a Reminders Notification. I clicked on it expecting the Reminders app to appear, instead, the Quick Look Simulator appeared.

Is this an aberration or normal behavior I have just missed?

Quick Look Simulator is a Developer Tool, so a Developer could check his Quick Look implementation.
Do you have XCode installed?
Anyway, it should not come up, specially not with a reminder (if you haven’t set the reminder to do so :wink:).

I do not. I have no idea why this showed up.

Have you seen The Terminator?

Do you know what Skynet was (or, rather, will be)?

This is how it starts.


Is it really a reminders notification?
Seems quite odd that it shows a reminders and notes icon?

I think this happens when a reminder has a note inside. So, to show that there is more than just the simple reminder.

I am quite impressed how much Reminders has evolved since I last used it many years ago.

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I do indeed and that made me laugh first thing this morning. :joy:

I have been having this exact issue for about two or three months. This is not exclusive to Reminders with Notes.app links, however.

When I restart my Mac, I might be able to click on two or three Reminders notifications and show the Reminders app. After that, it’s just the Quick Look Simulator that shows up.

I’m on the latest public releases of Monterey, and have been through two point upgrades, yet this issue persists.

Hi, We are facing the same issue for our mac catylst app. When we try to launch the app by clicking the notification it launches quick look simulator.