Quick mass-emails

I have a long list of emails in Bear that I need to email a couple of times a month from iPad.

I don’t want them in my contacts app, so how can I go about quickly emailing these roughly 30 emails?

I’d recommend using Shortcuts or Drafts.


Thanks for commenting Rose so embarrassing, but how would I set that up?

We would need more details of how you want to send these emails to do that. Do you send to everyone in the to/cc field? Send one email to each recipient?

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I would send the same email to about 30 recipients, and it’s fine if they can see each others email, so just to the to-field is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t mean to hijack the thread from @RosemaryOrchard but this shortcut should enable you to send the Bear Note as an e-mail

Send Bear note as an e-mail

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Hej Tonny

Thanks for your reply! I’m trying desperately to install your Shortcut. But the iCloud link takes me to the App Store to download Siri Shortcuts and not to the app itself, so I’m unable to import it.

I’m unable to examine your shortcut. But what I’m looking to do is just be able to send an email to a predefined list of recipients, roughly 30 emails, quickly. So that the hit of a Shortcut would open a new email message with all the emails that I need to contact already entered in the “To”-field. It doesn’t really have anything to do with Bear as such.

Does that make sense?

That happens to me also, just click the OPEN button in the App Store and it should then take you to the web link to download the shortcut

BTW - this error happens an almost all shortcuts I try to download

I do click open when it takes me to the App Store and then it opens Shortcuts, but there is no sign of Tonny’s shortcut as import anywhere in the Shortcuts app :confused:

Damn - that’s probably because I run the iPadOS 13 and thereby the new Shortcut app🤔

Only thing to do is to wait for the release of iOS 13 - then you should be able to import the shortcut @andreasl (which is in 5 days, only)

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Alright! But how does the shortcut work? :slightly_smiling_face:

If all you want to do is open the compose window with the to field filled then you can create a one action shortcut:

Use the send mail action and fill out the recipients. Make sure “Show compose sheet” is enabled and you’ll get exactly what you need :slight_smile:


Thank you Rose. I will try that :slightly_smiling_face: