Quick question about FaceTime on macOS (10.14.6)

Hi all,

When an automated system asks me to “Press 1” (etc.) can I simply use my number keys on the MBP?

I left the phone in the other room and was happily working away on my MBP and was pretty proud of myself for handling an unexpected call by answering on my laptop.

Later I got another call and needed to “Press 2” to continue (or, I think 4 to talk to a person). I was lucky because, when I didn’t hit anything, the message said, “Please call us back at xxx-xxx-xxxx, at your earliest convenience.”

Could I have just hit number keys on my keyboard?

This did not occur to me until later and I don’t see anything that specific on online help pages.

Thank you!


P.S. I haven’t yet updated to the latest OS. What sort of things (if any) change with FaceTime and phone use?

Yes, the numbers in the keyboard will work. You can also paste in phone numbers that are words and it will transpose them.

Sometimes you just have to try things. 10 years ago when I was a Windoze user, I was trained not to experiment since it would often break things or complain with some sort of obnoxious error sound. When I moved the the Mac, I was afraid to experiment and I spent way too much time googling answers only to learn that an intuitive guess would have worked… now when I’m stumped, I think “what would most people try?” And it usually works.

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