Quick review re Eero

Two weeks ago I moved from a NetGear R7000 (which is really good) to an Eero Pro with 3 beacons.

The Eero has been great so far. I didn’t really need a third beacon, it was kind of overkill. House is about 1900 square feet, 2 storeys.

The app is great, definitely minimalist. I wish I could do a few more things in it, but they do accept feature requests. Recommended.


Agreed, I moved from an Apple Extreme and Apple Express to 3 Eeros, and the coverage in my house has never been better. I like the ability to group devices, name them individually and also increase HomeKit security (I wish there were more affordable HomeKit devices available)

I would also recommend.

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Did the same after having zoom call issues. It’s been great so far, but I’m having a bit of a struggle getting my Sonos system back online. Haven’t had the time to troubleshoot yet.

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I have similar house size as yours. My internet came from the backyard, so I had the eero at the back, near the kitchen, follow by a beacon at the living room, in the front of the house and another beacon upstairs. Works like charm!

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I did the same. 3,600 sqr feet. 3 floors. Extreme plus express had a lot of dropped connections with 40+ devices.

I’ve been working from home but now have two teenagers using zoom video from 10-2 3 days a week. Eero pro to the rescue. Perfect coverage in every corner. Couldn’t be happier.

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All my wifi issues were solved since switching to Eero. Seems to be able to handle the amount of connected devices, with no gaps in coverage. My fairly new modem/router didn’t seem to handle it and have a house where the only internet connections could happen in extreme corners of the house solved my coverage issues. Even on the furthest router I’m getting over 100mbps download speeds on my devices

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Eero’ s also been great for us, fixing some obvious problems as well as making new areas of our home more usable we didn’t predict. We use three tri-band devices for the better speed and run Ethernet to a desktop. My interests and personality trend more towards setting up the Orbi system or Ubiquiti, but it’s nice to put my network tinkering energy into other projects. :slight_smile:

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You might want to think twice before using Zoom. Their privacy and security are poor.

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Don’t really have a say in the matter

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Then use it sandboxed on an iPhone or iPad.


We are probably moving from ComCast to AT&T WiFi (NOT cable). Has anyone had problems using Eero with AT&T WiFi?

I use AT&T U-Verse as my internet provider. I have to use their gateway device (a modem/router combo) as my modem, but I turned off its router function and use an Eero instead.

It works just fine.

I have a family of 5 in a 2100 square foot home with 3 first gen Eeros. My family complains that the Wi-Fi is unreliable. We often have to toggle on/off the Wi-Fi on our phones to reconnect. Sometimes the connection drops and the phones go to LTE. I can’t figure out if the issue is with Eero network or our ISP or something else.

I’ve been using Eero for years. I bought back in V1 and had three of them. I recently obtained gigabit downloads and had to get a new “Pro” for the connection to the modem to obtain the higher WIFI speeds. I also have set up Gigabit Powerline for connecting the access points, which has really helped as well.

Biggest issue? When I’m walking and coming back to the house, I have to remember to open the garage door either three blocks away or wait until I’m within a block. In between my watch connects to the WIFI but doesn’t have enough speed to connect to the garage door. I can live with that problem. :slight_smile:


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