Quick tabular lists - Notes!

One of my pain points is my frequent need for a basic table. I just need to compare prices or features or create a quick list of things for some reason. This morning I needed a list of attempted downloads, most of which failed. Three columns, 15 rows or so.

Numbers or any spreadsheet is overkill here. Markdown is much too painful for tables. As it turns out, Apples Notes app handles tables very nicely and intuitively. I should have been using this for a LOT of things!

That is all. That’s the post.


Have you tried TableFlip. It makes working with markdown tables much easier.


No but i rarely do tables in md and am very judicious w/ app purchases…

I will try notes for that , I have to say that I am in the same boat and did not pay it much attention. It seems to provide one of the quickest and lightest way to put a plain text table together and that can be convenient to paste out in an email for example.

It would be interesting to list out case where one tools is better suited when it comes to tables than another, top of my mind:

  • complex tables / calculations: spreadsheet apps (numbers, excel, gsheet)
  • quick plain text tables: notes
  • rich text tables: word processors and presentations (pages, word, gdoc, keynote, ppt, gslide)
  • markdown tables: table flip
  • rich media tables: curio, miro
  • tables as database: notion, coda, airtable
  • tabular outline: omnioutliner

And so on…

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