Quick Update: Lutron Caseta

Not entirely sure where this belongs. But wanted to share.

I have a handful of Wemo outlets around the house that work fine. And and EcoBee thermostat.

I have a dimmer switch for the lamp over my desk. Over the weekend I switched it out for a Lutron Caseta dimmer using the $99 kit that comes with the switch and hub. Everything worked the first try, hardware and software. No issues getting it talking to HomeKit. Going to do another switch later this week.

I was tempted to go with more Eero switches but after googling and asking around I got the vibe that Lutron was a more reliable option.

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I have Lutron Caseta, very reliable. 2 summers ago, I swapped out almost every switch in the house for one of their switches or dimmers.

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I keep meaning to check these out. This thread won’t help me push that off longer.


I’ve got Lutron Caseta switches as well as a smattering of other smart lights including Philips Hue. The Caseta light switches are the only ones that work for me all the time, every time. Hue lights disconnect or fail to respond every so often, but after owning the Lutron switches for 2+ years, I can’t think of a single time where that happened with them.

As a Lutron Pro Gold Certified Residential Installer, I’m obviously biased.

But let me point some things not well-known about Lutron lighting (Caseta and higher level systems) to help your decision.

The wireless protocol using Lutron proprietary “clearlink” so a hub is necessary to bridge it to Ethernet. (The bridge uses Ethernet not Wi-Fi for lower delay and greater reliability).

Lutron wireless operates in 433 MHz which is the same frequency as garage door openers and wireless alarm systems. Translation: Much greater distance and penetration through multiple walls than higher frequency used by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee.

Virtually no wireless interference (garage door openers are not transmitting constantly) and this is why Lutron is so reliable.

Fully certified and works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa but also prosumer/hobbyist solutions like Smartthings, Hubitat, Indigo, and virtually all the professional level smart home systems. The “Pro” version of the hub has a telnet/commandline interface with readable text commands and responses.

Most important, so many times my HomeKit system is fracked up, the Lutron lighting still works because of hardware controls (buttons/keypads) and the Lutron separate app can be used. (it’s actually pretty good).

Of course, there is the perpetual debate of “smart dimmers” versus “smart LED bulbs” like Hue, Lifx, and others. I reached détente - there is a place for both and with clever automation hacks they can co-exist well, most of the time.


We just moved to a newly built home and I NEED to upgrade every light switch here. Cheap builder grade switches and outlets everywhere. The 3 way and 4 way switches they installed are driving me crazy.

Can you install a single CASETA dimmer switch on a 3 way connection and leave the manual switch(s) in place? I don’t want to use the PICO remotes either. I want to use HomeKit and tell Siri what to do.

Also has anyone found a source for discounts on the Lutron CASETA anywhere?

Caseta won’t work properly with 3-way switches/dimmers if you leave the manual switches in place.

If you don’t want to tie-off the secondary switches and use PICO, you might want to consider moving up to Lutron RA2 Select instead.

It’s going to be more expensive, but one of the advantages of RA2 Select is the use of Lutron remote switches/remote dimmers. Basically, Lutron’s term for companion dimmer/switch modules that match the physical look/design of the primary dimmer and provide manual physical switch/dimmer controls while preserving the capability of the smart operation.


This is the answer I have been trying to get for awhile. Thank you very much!!!

Can the PICO remote be reprogrammed for a different switch? That would help with a 4 way switch. The ceiling fan and light in our living room has 2 switches for the fan but 3 switches for the light. My thought is to purchase a switch/PICO combo for the front porch light and repurpose the PICO for the 3rd light switch. Hopefully my questions will help other folks as well.

Not sure if this will help or not.

I added a fan in one of the bedrooms. The fan has a light bulb in it. The bedroom has 4 LED cans.

Switch 1 - Lutron Dimmer controls the 4 cans
Switch 2 - Lutron Dimmer controls the light in the fan
Switch 3 - Lutron Fan Control controls the fan

I had an electrician do the wiring for this one.

For my staircase, it was a 3 way switch. I didn’t care for a dimmer option. I put the Lutron Smart on/off at the bottom of the staircase and left the manual (on/off) at the top of the staircase.

For the Kitchen, it’s a different setup…I have a total of 4 Lutron smart switches (not the dimmer). Each pair are on opposite sides of the kitchen

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The PICO is a battery-operated (10-year life) keypad with different combinations of buttons, depending upon intended use. Typically a light layout with on/off, dim up, dim down, and favorite but also 4-button layouts for scene control. There is also an audio version for controlling Sonos (play/stop, next song, previous song, etc.)

With standard Lutron software, there are limitations to what actions a PICO can do. Generally, most common functions are available, but there are limitations.

Somewhat OT, there is also a “local mode” where a PICO can control Lutron switch/dimmer directly, without going through the hub at all, but that tends to be used fairly infrequently now.

On an interesting note, there is a plugin (driver) for HomeBridge that turns PICO’s into general purpose keypads. The PICO’s are exposed to HomeKit and then you can program any automation or scenes you like, even non-Lutron devices as actions of key press. (Although Lutron is HomeKit certified, some devices, such as Lutron PICO’s and Lutron motion sensors are not made available by Lutron as HomeKit devices).

Yes, it can be a bit confusing. (No surprise given Lutron is a billion dollar company and has many overlapping product lines including both residential and commercial products along with their traditional non-intelligent lighting controls.)

So you left the original switch upstairs and installed the Lutron switch downstairs… are you having any issues with this???

Yes I did. No issues.