Quicker widget toggling in Sonoma

Wanted to share a quicker way to toggle the desktop widgets on Sonoma that I found after reading David’s post the other day.

I’ve got some more details and nitty-gritty in my blog post, but the short version is:

defaults write com.apple.WindowManager "StandardHideWidgets" -bool "false" && killall WindowManager

Hope it’s helpful!


Thanks for posting this and welcome to the forum. I don’t really like desktop widgets on all the time but this would be nice to toggle the widgets so that I could see them when/where I want instead of lined up vertically over to the right.

I can add this to Keyboard Maestro and bring the desktop to the foreground. :grinning:

Thanks neonate - glad it’s useful! At the moment I’m erring more on the side of widgets feeling like a distraction for the way I work, but I’m always glad to see more options on the Mac.

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I was finally able to test this. I pasted into the terminal but I can’t get to work. I have widgets set to show up on the desktop. Is there any permission or such that I need to set? My use of the terminal is limited to pasting stuff that other people write.

Sorry it didn’t work out of the gate.

You shouldn’t need any specific permissions set. The code from above would show widgets (by setting widget-hiding to false – slightly counterintuitive), so if your widgets are currently hidden, you’d want to switch the word “false” to “true”.

Once you’re a little more comfortable in the terminal I have a follow up post that has an alias to make toggling the widgets easier so you don’t have to manually keep track of the state.

Thanks for the follow up. Appreciate the help.