Quickly create txt file in Dropbox folder

I’m looking to test Blot.im for a very basic personal lifelog style blog (it’s basically just a bunch of text files and images in Dropbox getting mirrored to a server), but to make the workflow easy I need a quick and intuitive way to write short snippets of text (with shortcut, preferably) and saving them to the relevant folder.

On iOS, Drafts 5 of course is the way to go - but what about on the Mac? Any suggestions for Drafts-like apps or similar workflows?

Keyboard Maestro could do this!

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There are a number of text editors which allow you to open a folder. BBEdit, Sublime Text, Textastic, etc.

Once you’ve opened the folder you’re using for your Blot.im files in Dropbox you should get a list of file in one pane making it easy to access any of your existing posts and any new files you create will be save in there by default.

Hope that helps.

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That might be the way to go, yeah. I’m more of a Byword (or similar) person, but a more complete manager with folder pane is probably better for this usecase.

Do you have any preferred text editor?

And I’ve been looking for an excuse to spend way too much time playing with KM :smiley:

VS Code or Atom with a markdown plugin installed is probably best for this. They’re both lightweight, have a folder pane, and with a markdown plugin (easy to install), you could still have close to what you’d get in Byword or similar.

My preference is VS Code mostly because I use it for code editing as well and with a lot of plugins installed it’s more performant.


I’ve been happily using Sublime Text for awhile. It’s easily extendable with a built in Python processor, cross platform and supports markdown syntax. There is also support for snippets which might be useful if you want setup default metadata headers for your Blot.im blog entries. However updates are a little slow and the licensing fee is a bit steep at $80, but you can use it almost indefinitely if you don’t mind dismissing a license nag box every now and then.

I can’t say I’ve used any of the others enough to give a recommendation, but I’ve heard good things about BBEdit from Mac centric people, and VS Code seems to be getting some good reviews too.

Have a play with them and see which one suites you.

If you have just one folder and simple text nvALT might be a viable solution.

Oh, stars, how could I forget nvALT. I didn’t think it was full featured enough as a note app but it might be great for this usecase. Thanks!

Hehe you’re welcome :nerd_face:

iA Writer can do this. You can add the Dropbox folder to the library.

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Unclutter, that I believe @katiefloyd still(?) uses, is also an option. You can have it stored its Notes inside Dropbox, which will then mean a quick ‘pull-down’ from the top of the screen, will see a note/notes left there.

Automating it using something like KM will however allow for the possibility of prepending/appending text to an existing file, which could also be useful.

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Totally! :grinning: for small edits though check Pretext for iOS

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