Quickly get rid of extra apps on your iPadOS 15 homescreen(s)/folders

Mostly just writing this out here so that I might come across it again in a time of need…

What to do:

The explanation:
I just set up the iPadOS 15 beta. I had six or so pages full of apps, plus ~12 groups/folders with several pages each. 290 total installed apps. (There’s too much junk on here for sure, mostly because the iPad is set to download anything I install on my phone.)

I have only previously been aware of the one-by-one method of removing an app from the homescreen (while keeping it in the app library). That is:

  • Tap and hold on the homescreen to enable “jiggle mode.” Then:
    • Tap the - on an app icon;
    • Tap remove app; and
    • Tap remove from homescreen.
    • Repeat the three above steps for each app.

I wanted my homescreen to be empty—but I did not want to have to do 290 x 3 = 870 taps in multiple places on the screen to achieve this.

So, I fiddled, and found out that you can do this instead:

  • Tap and hold on the homescreen to enable “jiggle mode.” Then:
  • Go into a folder or to a homescreen page
  • “Grab” an app, as if you were going to move it
  • Tap on the upper-left most app to collect it too, then keep tapping to collect the next one that slides in
  • Once you’re holding onto all the apps you want to remove, slide the homescreen right until you reach the app library
  • Drop the dragged apps onto the Suggestions smart group. (This doesn’t seem to work consistently if you drop the apps elsewhere.)

I imagine there’s a yet-easier way, but this was kind of cathartic. Hopes it helps someone else as they clean up their iPadOS 15 homescreen!


I wish I’d known that when I set mine up. :sob:


I hesitate to ask… how long did it take you to remove them all?

Or just create the 1 or 2 homescreens you want, and hide the rest?

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Building on what @JKoopmans said, when you’re in the homescreen editor view (where you can show/hide homescreens), any screen that’s hidden/unchecked gets a little delete icon on it, so you can delete entire homescreens and all their apps flow into the App Library.

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Ahh, that’s probably the fastest way. Thanks!

@JKoopmans I didn’t want 99% of these apps on a homescreen, ever. Hiding them would just be pushing the clutter under the rug!

I refuse to contemplate. Too long.