Quirk in Mojave for pasting text?

Hi Folks,
I’ve been (finally!) updated to Mojave (10.14.2) and have experienced this annoying problem in both Textexpander and Keyboard Maestro; I can’t paste the looooooong license keys into the provided text boxes to activate them. Has anyone else had this problem?

I can’t speak to Mojave in particular, but I occasionally will encounter an inability to paste in certain password fields. What usually works for me is a Keyboard Maestro macro that I have set up using the “paste by typing” action. I have it set up to trigger using the hotkey command+shift+v
Most of the time that works where a traditional paste does not. Give it a try.

Great advice, except that the license I’m trying to paste is for KM! ;(

Does a right-click work in the text field? Can paste from there.

The paste option is there, but clicking on it just leaves it blank. I can paste everywhere else: Mail, Word, Ulysses… Just not in these text boxes asking for licenses. I checked security settings, keyboard input, everything.

Ok, this is really interesting: the text wasn’t visible in the box, BUT apparently it registered, at least on KM. I’ve also experienced this on random websites, where I paste something, and there’s nothing in the box visibly, but it’s there because my request goes through. Must be a bug.