Quite Possibly a Futile Request

A Long Time Ago, someone wrote an Applescript based on Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders that organized files/folders into… wait for it… 43 folders. From all of the digging I have done, I can’t find any active links to this script, so I was hoping someone might have it in a dark corner somewhere…

You might have luck asking on https://ask.metafilter.com.

Are you just looking for a bunch of folders for the 12 months and another for 31 days? Or was there more ‘organization’ to it than that?

I put this together pretty quickly… it’s a .zip file, and inside it are 3 folders:

  • “days” - which has 31 numbered subfolders
  • “months-named” - which has 12 subfolders named like “01 - January”, “02 - February”, etc.
  • “months-numbered” - which has 12 subfolders just numbered 01-12

You can download it here: