Quite Possibly a Futile Request

A Long Time Ago, someone wrote an Applescript based on Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders that organized files/folders into… wait for it… 43 folders. From all of the digging I have done, I can’t find any active links to this script, so I was hoping someone might have it in a dark corner somewhere…

You might have luck asking on https://ask.metafilter.com.

Are you just looking for a bunch of folders for the 12 months and another for 31 days? Or was there more ‘organization’ to it than that?

I put this together pretty quickly… it’s a .zip file, and inside it are 3 folders:

  • “days” - which has 31 numbered subfolders
  • “months-named” - which has 12 subfolders named like “01 - January”, “02 - February”, etc.
  • “months-numbered” - which has 12 subfolders just numbered 01-12

You can download it here:


So… an update, FYI and FWIW… after being completely obsessed with finding the elusive 43 folders, I came across a couple of nice substitutes… this one sets up a tickler file system in Hazel (my apologies for or not giving credit where credit is due), and for all you DevonThink fans (too rich for my blood) this from their website