Quotes on mac desktop? "text widget"


I’ll like to add a text/quote to my desktop background.
The text should NOT be a part of the background image but float over the background image like a widget.

Has anyone seen anything like this? :slight_smile:

If you want something on the desktop that isn’t part of the desktop you’re talking about an app, yes?

You can make an individual Note or a Sticky float (and Stickies can have reduced transparency).

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ya it could be an app or a fancy terminal command, anything allowing me to add permanent text to the desktop. I can’t use stickies as they move around like any other window/app. I would like it to be on the desktop as if it were embedded in the wallpaper. thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I use GeekTool for such things.


It has not been updated for a long while. But it works, at least under Mojave.



One possibility is to build a folder of images that have already been annotated with the quotes, then have macOS cycle through them (or what have you).
For this, you could use ImageMagick’s annotation command

convert dragon.gif -gravity south \
          -stroke '#000C' -strokewidth 2 -annotate 0 'Faerie Dragon' \
          -stroke  none   -fill white    -annotate 0 'Faerie Dragon' \

(You might prefer -gravity center to center the text.)

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Just what I was looking for, Thanks! :slight_smile: