Radio Stations...What Do You All Like?

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I enjoy background music when I work - Ive been in to Internet Radio lately and I am messing around with Broadcasts… What stations do you all recommend ? International Stations would be great - I am in USA. Jazz, Classical and Ambient are the main styles… Talk is good too :slight_smile:


If you want classical, BBC Radio 3, if it’s available where you are. It also does jazz, drama and some talk

If you have Sonos. They recently introduced Radio Stations. They have pretty much any type on music style you could want.

I’m mostly in Apple Music these days (for albums, playlists and radio) but I used to listen to a lot of individual streaming radio stations.

One of the biggest Classical stations in the US is WQXR, which has a number of live streams on its site as well as being in Apple Music, iTunes, TuneIn, etc. (I listen to the Classical and Operavore streams.)

For Jazz check out RadioSwissJazz

For chillout, check out SOMA-FM (they even have their own iOS and Mac streaming apps), which has a dozen streaming stations with a variety of music channels. They have over three dozen streams, here are some of them:

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I’m an expat from the UK and I’ve been listening to lots of Heart London recently. I’m not necessarily recommending it unless you’re in my situation; the djs are good fun (though I only really enjoy it as background music)

So many, many stations. For classical Classic Praha or Orfey or KQAC. For jazz KCSM or TSF Jazz. For relaxing classical Venice Classic Radio. Also decent is ABC Lounge Radio.
Many many more.

Fantastic Suggestions… Thanks all. @clarker, I know there are a lot of choices and stations - that’s why I asked this group. To help me whittle it down :slight_smile: - I’ll share some of mine - Radio Classica and Radio Mozart Italia - both from Rome.

Thanks again.

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If you like sports radio, 97.1 the ticket on is pretty good. It’s a fm station, but thats their internet radio station.

Classic FM is better. The problem with radio 3 is that it is a BBC product. (much like Facebook I am trying to wean myself off all BBC content)


I am an inexpert from the UK… I listen always to Smooth FM…really cool relaxing smooth music.

KUSC for classical, KCRW for indie. No need to look further than LA :sunglasses::palm_tree:

I like Soma FM’s Drone Zone, and musicforprogramming.

KNKX jazz & blues — NPR
JAZZ24 — Internet radio

Simple Radio iPhone iPad as a no-frills player

I’m still partial to my local radio stations, even though I mostly listen to them over the internet instead of over the air.

  1. WQXR for Classical music -
  2. WBGO for Jazz -

Matter of taste, not better/worse.

Radio Paradise Mellow Mix:

Except for Rick Dees on KIIS or Frazier Smith on KLOS…

…and my favorite Jazz station KKJZ 88.1, also out of LA (CSU Long Beach).

While we’re on the topic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a great piece on today’s LA Times:

Check out NTS radio. They have two live stations with DJs from around the globe spinning music. You’ll find jazz and ambient there, some contemporary classical. They also have several 24-hr “INFINITE MIXTAPES.” You’ll find some great ambient tracks on Slow Focus. Thanks for posting this topic–this week, I’ve also been exploring more internet radio broadcasts and experimenting with streaming at the desk and through the house on the Sonos. :loud_sound: