Rain Design mTower or BookArc?

Hey folks! Looking for a stand for my 16" MacBook Pro (2021). I plan to use the laptop in clamshell mode at my desk, plugged in to a Studio Display.

In the past, I used the BookArc from Twelve South. It was very nice and worked well, but I don’t love that I have to buy a new sleeve every time the laptop size changes. (Plus, the BookArc doesn’t currently have a sleeve that fits the new MacBook Pro.)

I was looking at alternatives today and found Rain Design’s mTower. I’ve never used anything from Rain Design, and it’s hard to find anything other than listicles on Google about it. Have any of you used it? If so, would you recommend it? I don’t think it looks as elegant as the BookArc, but it does work with every MacBook made for over ten years.


I have the mTower. It is fine, but that’s all. Maybe any thing designed to hold a MacBook vertically can only ever be fine, haha.

It is current decommissioned because I lost the rubber bits required to modify the size; I also bought it before my current 16" 2021 MBP, so I wouldn’t even have the correct size rubber bits to make it a clean fit.

I don’t currently do clam shell, but if I did and I could afford it at the moment, I’d go for the Laptop Dock from Grovemade. I currently use their Laptop Riser (and a few other products from them) and they’re stunning in person.

I saw the Laptop Dock! It looks very nice. My issue is that neither wood matches the bamboo of my desk, and I know from experience that the contrasting wood tones in such proximity would bother me. But I mean, it does look so nice. (Maybe I should just consider getting a new tabletop for my desk to match.)