Raindrop.io Workflow with Pocket / Safari Bookmarks

I bought Raindrop.io after using the trial for a bit becuas i loved the layout and i figured I would use it as a repalcement for Pocket (Save for Later)

I haven’t really found a workflow where it is replacing Pocket for save for later links but I think I might like using Raindrop as a bookmarker manager as it was designed.

I find myself using the bookmars in my Safari and Chrome bookmark bar so to start I imported all my bookmarks from Chrome and Safari but I find it a bit annyong when I am on a page i have bookmarked and the Raindrop Browser extension has the Checkmark if the page is alreday bookmakred, like I could be in a reddit thread and it will hae the check which isn’t the case for that page but Reddit itself is bookmakred.

ANYWAYS, my intial thoughts are moving bookmarks I have stored in folders that I don’t need to access as Often in Raindrop and removing theose pages i the bookmark bar from Radndrop to avoid the check.

Would love to know how others are using Raindrop or Pocket if at all.