Raise to speak issue

Anyone else have intermittent issues with raise to speak on WatchOS 5? If I hold it up real close to my mouth and speak loudly, it will mostly work but it’s been flaky at best. Series 3 watch.

From what I’ve read and my personal experience, you need to time your command to when you are raising the timer towards your face and not insert a pause before you speak, as you may have been used to doing in the past. You no longer have to wait for Siri to engage, just start speaking the command or what you want.

It has been slightly hit or miss for me since trying it out, and I sense that will be something that will come in a 5.1 bug fix sooner rather than later.

So far I have a 0% success rate with Raise to Siri on watchOS 5.

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I have tried on my Series 2, without luck. I am at the point where I am unsure of, if this will even work on my “old” watch.

After waving my hands around for two days and imitating Dick Tracy, it worked for me exactly once.

Seems like a goofy feature anyway. I’m fine with pressing the crown and invoking Siri.

Raise to speak is not available for the Series 2, just the 3 and above. Check the gray text at the very bottom of this page, just under the compatibility section: https://www.apple.com/uk/watchos/watchos-5/

Yep. Rarely works for me.

It’s been working well for me on my Series 3 and I’m using Siri on my Apple Watch more than ever thanks to this new feature.

I find that I need to bring the watch close to my mouth and start speaking as soon as I raise the watch. If I wait a second or two it seems that Siri stops listening.

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Yes, exactly my experience

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Always something hidden in the fineprint. Thanks :slight_smile:


Same here. Flaky on my shiny new Series 4 watch.

I think I will just continue to start with „Hey Siri“ when I want to interact with Siri on the AppleWatch. It does not make any sense to hope for Raise To Speak to work properly only to notice afterwards that it didn’t work at all. To me, it is way less of a hassle if I use “Hey Siri” right from the beginning. Then the interaction with Siri works quite reliably.


I’m hoping this is something that they adjust for in a future .1 release, just need to add a smidge of a pause in there

I haven’t had any problem with it recognizing that I’m saying something, but I’m getting almost constant ‘hold on…’ and ‘I’ll tap you when I’m ready…’ which I’d never actually seen in person before.

ETA: Series 3 here

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I’m getting this 75% of uses as well, interesting.

It’s not working properly for me at all on my Series 3.

After more experimentation, I seem to have better success when speaking in a somewhat loud voice, quickly after raising the watch. If I wait, it fails more. Most of my commands are activating shortcuts, which give the “I’ll tap you when I’m ready” message and takes an awkward amount of time. I guess it’s not ready for prime time just yet.

I’ve actually had really good luck on my Series 3 watch. I’m using it mainly for reminders, alarms, and timers at this point and have rarely had an issue. I do agree that you need to start speaking right away but I can use my normal voice volume and pace and it’s worked great for me!