Ran Over My iPhone 10 Max

Putting some stuff in the back of my Scion I set my phone down. “Somehow” in the loading process it fell unnoticed to the pavement, Backing out of my parking space I felt my car tire run over my phone. Feeling a sick realization I stopped and retrieved it. I works just fine, but the crackle marks are unsightly .

A local shop will repair the screen for 250 US dollars. If you have had your screen replaced what’s your experience?

It may not be of much help, but … given the fact that third-party screens (sometimes) can cause issues (Duck.com search results):

Even without warranty and without AppleCare the Apple fees may be higher than the one your “local shop” mentioned, but they definitely are not that far off. So, it might be an idea to consider contacting Apple what you could expect from them if they will do the replacement.

Luckily, I never had to replace my iPhones’ screens, so I do not have first-hand experience. Maybe, somebody else will chime in with more helpful suggestions.

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Sorry to be really picky, but there was no iPhone X Max, is it the 10s Max?

To be honest, unless you really can’t afford it, I’d upgrade to a 12, 12 pro or a 13 of some kind. They’re all excellent phones and I think that sinking $250 at this point into a 3 year old phone (assuming it is the 10s Max) would be a waste.