Random but I hate Discord

Just needed a place to vent but there are more and more people and groups starting discord channels. Honestly, most of these groups would be much better to be Discourse forums. I do a bunch of coffee content creation on Instagram and YouTube and several of the big players are starting Patreon/Discord groups and now MacStories is doing the same thing. This was originally created for live streaming and the chat platform is just hard to follow and have good conversations. Discourse is perfect in many waya and helps start actual helpful and engaging conversations.

Sorry for the rant but just wondering…

Can anyone else relate?



I use Relay’s Discord for chatting during livestreams, but for almost nothing else.

Discourse is much better, but it’s pricy, IIRC.


Yeah, I could see how live streams could be great. But for the way people seemingly are using it I’m finding it not so great. But yes, I was looking into Discourse to start a “specialty coffee community” and price is the biggest factor into figuring that out.

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Completely relate. I find the conversations in Discord ephemeral and uninviting. I much prefer Discourse for engaging conversations and a sense of community.


Perfect way to put it

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Be sure to look at the two recommended third party options. They don’t cost much more than one boosted Discord server to start out.

I think it depends on the community! I’m in a couple that I really enjoy.

That being said, I consider Discourse and discord to be targeting 2 different markets.

Discourse is a more of a wiki of comments (at least the way I use it)

Discord on the other hand is a chat application.

In that vein, I find discord to be superior to slack but not comparable to discourse.


No opinion on Discord as I’ve never used it. But I hate it when people put a link in their post which immediately subscribes me to their Youtube channel.


Different strokes for different folks… :slight_smile:

I think both services serve vastly different kinds of purpose.

One costs money (along with a lot of maintenance and technical knowledge) and the other is free.

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I concur. I tried Discord a few times and (sorry for the bad pun), found it discordant. :slightly_smiling_face: Discourse is much better.


My bad, I used the wrong TextExpander snippet. I’ve updated it.

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Yeah I agree the apps are for two different markets but people treat Discord like what should be a forum. Of course pricing probably has a lot to do with that

I played around with Discourse Droplets on Digital Ocean at their $5/mo rate.

For OP, Reddit or Instagram might be a good place to create a community. Not as good as Discourse, of course, of course.

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A mail server (like Mailgun) is yet another requirement. As a result, the monthly price is likely more than just $5.

Yes, absolutely. I tried following some groups on Discord, and I soon deleted the app as it was just pointless banter.

I’m not a chat person in general, and also refuse to waste time in Slack or WhatsApp. I hate distractions, and much prefer asynchronous communication (except for phone calls and video calls where I can usually solve a problem in a couple of minutes rather than half an hour messaging).


I am with you on this! I pretty much avoid any kind of chat system–Slack, Discord, iMessage (except for my wife and daughters–the latter I have alerts off but don’t tell them! :grinning:).

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Slack is good for work in agile environments. It tends to keep communication faster and team focused. At our work place it’s replaced email entirely. We just check emails very rarely and they are mostly HR or company wide broadcasts.

Love the threaded messages to keep conversations separate and skip them if not relevant.

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Can you get your wife and daughters to join the community? :grin:

Trust me, I love them but they are incessant texters so having them here would result in an overload in the threads. My frequent posting here is bad enough! :laughing:

I can sympathize with you.