Random generator process

Not sure if this is an odd question.

I want to create a list of items. Then, every other day, I want to run some sort of process against that list to randomly pick one of the items. At that point, I will note the date that item was picked. I want the generator to pick unique items (those that have not been picked).

I would create the items upfront for the most part but I will definitely add to it. And I want the surprise of the random pick on that day. I don’t want to do all the random picks up front.

I don’t think an iOS app would suffice because I don’t want to type the list on a mobile device. I’m wondering if I could do this in a dumbed down way in Excel or a Google Sheet.

Data Jar and Shortcuts?

You know what’s funny? I always come across Data Jar on phone (prob because I heard about it here) yet I have no idea what it does anymore. I’ll have to research. But when it comes to Shortcuts, I can’t seem to grasp them.

Add a column of random numbers, and a date seen column.
Click the Sort & Filter and set it to the Random column.
On the top quote, tap Ctrl-; to insert today’s date in the Date Seen field.
Save the sheet.
Tomorrow, do the same. If Date Seen is filled, just sort again.

Interesting. And as I think about it more. I could simply pull out the items are selected and put them in another column so that there will always be uniqueness.