Random iPhone vibration

Last night, just before midnight USA ET I think, my iPhone started to vibrate (no sound) as it was on the nightstand. I picked it up and I saw nothing that would make it do so like an incorrectly set alarm or some statewide notice. No notification that I could find.

I kept looking for anything that was causing it. Maybe an app. Nothing that I could find. Finally it stopped. I put it down next to me and then a few mins later it started again. I picked it up again and saw nothing. I just kept pushing buttons and closing apps. It finally stopped.

It was a little unnerving as I couldn’t see anything or shut it off.

Any thoughts?

As a first step, shut it down, leave off for say a minute, then restart.


I’ve had this suddenly start in the past, after much investigation, for some reason my email notification was switched on to vibrate.

Unfortunately i had to do lots of searching and much checking before I found the culprit.

Good luck.


Thanks to both. I just went thru all my notifications and did some adjusting. This has never happened in all the years I have owned an iPhone.

Probably cosmic rays :wink:


Sounds like the plot of a Paranormal Activity movie.

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Someone or something trying to contact you from “out there”.


This also happened to me a couple of nights ago. I heard it vibrate, the screen turned on (which woke me up) and there was no notification.

I imagine it’s a bug!

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How did you make it stop or did it finally just stop on its own?

It just stopped after a short while.