Random observation during reinstall - Zoom is a Rosetta app

It’s interesting that an app with the adoption level of Zoom isn’t compiled for Apple Silicon. Especially when it does things like screen recording and such that you think would benefit from a tighter integration.

It is compiled for Apple Silicon. I just installed it on my wife’s MacBook Air. It is in the small print when it gives you the option to download on the Mac.

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Well that’s interesting. Because their homepage doesn’t make it super-easy to find the download link, I just clicked a meeting link and it gave me a download - which I don’t remember the Apple Silicon link for.

I’ll install the AS version. :smiley: Thanks!

To add to what @F.Jones wrote, here’s a screenshot from the Zoom Download Center showing the less-than-obvious “here” link to download the Apple silicon version of Zoom.

I imagine the vast majority of people click the blue Download button when installing Zoom on their M1/M2 Mac and end up with the Intel version of the Zoom app; less technical users probably don’t know what an “Apple Silicon chip” is.

There really needs to be a Universal version of Zoom, especially now that Apple has completed the transition to Apple silicon.

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