Raycast (and Alfred) script for Logos Bible Software

I took a few moments and created a grouping scripts for Raycast that can search, open, etc. resources in Logos. You can install them here: GitHub - cpenned/logos-bible-software-raycast-scripts

There was a pre-existing one for Alfred and I tried to mimic the Alfred capabilities (best as I can tell—I don’t have Alfred). I have some work to do when showing possible library resources, but added a few other options like choosing a type of Bible search. I wish Logos gave you more actual access to the system, but for now, this at least gives you some control over the program from your launcher of choice.

Hope it’s a help to some!


Thanks for sharing… That’s very helpful. I’ve been trying to use Logos as my main research and reference tool but it’s a little clunky at times. This will improve the workflow greatly!

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Great! Eventually wanting to work on a full extension but it may be a bit before I have time for that. Hope it’s a help!