Raycast - looks like an Alfred alternative (but way more scriptable)

Just stumbled upon this and thought it could interest some folks here:

Looks like a promising Launchbar/Alfred alternative for people who also love scripting and APIs, such as those Automators.fm folks! :wink:

Still n early days, but looks promising thus far.


It looks really cool! And has a UI/UX I’m really enjoying in the 10 minutes I’ve been playing with it

Thanks for sharing. Looks promising indeed! the UI is beautiful

Current community scripts are pretty basic but some can replace my current Alfred script (brew commands). Some useful out of the box (Jira).

It can also run my current AppleScript that I usually run with Keyboard Maestro too (though need to be exported as plain text *.applescript and adjusted a bit)!
Tools like these need some time to be matured by community contributions.

Now my ⌃ ⌘ SPACE combinations are all occupied :smiley:

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looks cool, any idea of pricing?

Just ran across Raycast a couple of days ago and I’m impressed! I love that I can just write scripts in normal NodeJS if I want.

Took a few minutes to get a Toggl custom script up. Toggl + Raycast

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Looks beautiful. Played around it for a while. Loved it!

I’ve been using Raycast for a couple of months now.

It has replaced Alfred, Pasta and Magnet for me.