Raycast - looks like an Alfred alternative (but way more scriptable)

Just stumbled upon this and thought it could interest some folks here:

Looks like a promising Launchbar/Alfred alternative for people who also love scripting and APIs, such as those Automators.fm folks! :wink:

Still n early days, but looks promising thus far.


It looks really cool! And has a UI/UX I’m really enjoying in the 10 minutes I’ve been playing with it

Thanks for sharing. Looks promising indeed! the UI is beautiful

Current community scripts are pretty basic but some can replace my current Alfred script (brew commands). Some useful out of the box (Jira).

It can also run my current AppleScript that I usually run with Keyboard Maestro too (though need to be exported as plain text *.applescript and adjusted a bit)!
Tools like these need some time to be matured by community contributions.

Now my ⌃ ⌘ SPACE combinations are all occupied :smiley:

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looks cool, any idea of pricing?

Just ran across Raycast a couple of days ago and I’m impressed! I love that I can just write scripts in normal NodeJS if I want.

Took a few minutes to get a Toggl custom script up. Toggl + Raycast

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Looks beautiful. Played around it for a while. Loved it!

I’ve been using Raycast for a couple of months now.

It has replaced Alfred, Pasta and Magnet for me.


A little late to the party here, but I have been playing with Raycast and loving it. I have been a loyal Alfred Powerpack user for years but I strongly suspect Raycast will take over all my launching, utility and window management needs very soon.

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One feature I get to like Raycast (may be possible in Alfred too, but I have not tried) is it’s integration with Obsidian.

I can easily pressed the global shortcut key and search my Obsidian note.

This is a killer feature for me

Been using Raycast for a couple weeks now and really like it. It has replaced Alfred for now, thinking it may stick.

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yes, in Raycast, it displays the search result, then gives you the option of opening the note in Obsidian

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There are a couple good workflows. I like this one: GitHub - hauselin/obsidian-alfred: Alfred workflow for Obsidian note-taking app. Open vaults and files in Obsidian.

oss, enter, query will do a full text search for query, display the Obsidian documents in Alfred and enter willl open them in Obsidian.

You can also create a search in Alfred for obsidian://search?vault=yourvaultname&query={query} and it’ll switch to Obsidian and run the query there.

GitHub - chrisgrieser/shimmering-obsidian: Alfred Workflow for various enhancements of Obsidian. is another nice-looking workflow but I haven’t tried it.

I can definitely see the appeal of Raycast working with Obsidian out of the box, but the Alfred way of integrating with community workflows and custom snippets is great.

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Raycast does this too, see here:

(where there is an Obsidian extension)
and here:

(where there are Obsidian scripts)


I know about Raycast scripting and extensions, but was fuzzygel was talking about some out-of-the-box support for Obsidian? I may have misunderstood but he was making it sound easier to start using than it would be with Alfred.

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sorry for causing confusion.

I was just saying it is a great feature that I can use everyday, For sure, it is not earth shattering discovery :smile:

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I think it is slightly easier out of the box in that you can press command-O on a text file to open in a non-default app (if Obsidian is not your default for markdown) + it’s extremely fast to install extensions in Raycast because you can install them directly from the app using the Store command.

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I think I just found the killer feature on Raycast that just dropped:

Clipboard History now supports searching inside images and text files.
Raycast - Changelog

I just tested this and its instant and rocks!

I think this will replace my other clipboard managers including Paste and BetterTouchTool! (for clipboard management only so far)

I just installed it a couple of days ago and didn’t really bother much with trying it until this!


I would caution anyone getting too hooked to raycast (making scripts etc). It’s geared towards developers, and they sent an email a while back about getting more than $10m in investments. So they pricing is going to be real steep once it comes out of beta.

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They have stated numerous times that Raycast will remain free for personal use. Also, I don’t believe it is still in Beta. I am using v 1.30 - there is constant development and updates, but I don’t think it is considered a beta. If it is, it is really stable for me,

It has replaced Alfred for me so far.

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worse come to worse, we can always go back to Alfred, which is actually not bad at all. Raycast knows that too, so they cannot have a steep price hike.