Raycast - looks like an Alfred alternative (but way more scriptable)

I just double checked my Slack discussion and this is from the CTO & Co-Founder:

We plan to monetize on teams plan and keep personal for free. It’s pretty common strategy for products that aim to sell to companies / enterprises.

Luckily, the scripts are regular Python/Bash/JS/Swift/AppleScript/Ruby, and the extensions are NodeJS/React with a special NPM package. So worst case no loss of data, because your scripts already work externally without Raycast. Also, like @kayle mentioned, the team has mentioned repeatedly that they plan to monetize for teams only and I think their teams plan is currently in beta.

I hope they price it high enough to make it an evergreen app. Don’t mind paying for something that saves/makes me money/time.

This was my concern too - I actually want to pay for the tools I use, rather than being a part of their monetization piece with my info.

I was assured they are not going to sell our info or make thier free users a “product” and have plans to stay around for the long term - I hope that remains the case because it is a pretty great tool and so much active development going on with it.

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Looks nice. Ironically yesterday I just uninstalled Launchbar because Keyboard Maestro can do everything I need, sometimes in a slightly different way. Launchbar had again deleted all the clipboard history after a restart and I needed it, the stuff was on Keyboard Maestro’s clipboard though. Alfred I tried but found too much of a learning curve on top of other apps I use.

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Installed it yesterday and it is sleek. I love some of the functionalities, namely the easy conversions and windows setup. The contacts view is fantastic. However, it doesn’t seem to be a way to select a finder item and move it to another location—that’s a huge workflow for me, and that makes me think that I’ll stay with Alfred.

Unless I’m missing the abovementioned functionality. Anyone is doing the file/folder moving location with Raycast?

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I didn’t find a way to do it in Raycast. Launchbar beats the rest on that particular feature, in my opinion.

It’s been ages since I used LaunchBar. Alfred is quite competent on the files and folders’ moving.

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