Re-installing iPhone and Watch to cure iOS 14 problems

After hoping that the 14.1 update would fix my myriad Apple Watch problems, I’ve given in and have spent the past several hours following these instructions:

If you’re missing Workout GPS routes or Health data after updating to iOS 14 and watchOS 7 – Apple Support

I lost GPS tracking in workouts, lost Sound tracking in Autosleep, and had very high battery usage. Fingers crossed that this super annoying reset fixes all of those problems.


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The good news is that it worked. I have GPS tracking of workouts again and the Watch battery usage is back to normal.

The bad news is that I can no longer connect to the App Store.

The App Store on my phone finally came back.

The only remaining casualty is that I can no longer unlock my iMac with my Apple Watch. I’ve done a bunch of dances trying to get it working again but at some point, I have to say “Lisa, you can’t spend any more time on this.”

Try this method to resolve (note: I haven’t tried this myself)