Read ExFat drive


I bought an Insta 360 One R action camera and want to download the files to my Mac running Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. Turns out that the Micro SD card is formatted in ExFat witch cant be read on MacOS. I tried to install FUSE for Mac os but the package will not install when I double click on it.

Are there any other alternatives out there?



PS I can’t repartition the drive since it has to be in exFat to work with this camera.

ExFat is supported natively ref in macOS, so you shouldn’t need fuse.

Maybe the camera has an oddball format?
Can you format it as ExFat on Windows, then try it going from camera to Mac?
Does the camera have a USB connector that you could connect to your Mac, thus using the camera to read the card?

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Hmm thanks for your reply.
I tried with an SD card converter directly in the iMac slot. An I tried using the usb cable from the camera to the iMac. Neither would mount.

Also tried is with VMWARE Fusion and Windows 10.

Guess it’s an oddball format.
It takes for ever to download via the WiFi connection to my iPhone or iPad. From there I can download the footage via iTunes. But it’s
A hell of a detour taking a longggg time.