Read later w/ PDFs

I’ve been using Instapaper for years to read later from the web. It works for me, except in one area - reading PDFs.

I’ll occasionally (few times a week) get a PDF that I need to read at some point. Right now I just put them in a folder on iCloud Drive, but I dont have a good workflow to remind me to look at the folder and read (so I often dont).

Is there an app like Instapaper that I could have both my reading from web / RSS and PDF together?

I am looking for an app like this, too.
But I haven’t found anything yet.

Would it work to email your Instapaper email address with the PDF title and location?

surprisingly Logseq is a very good pdf reader, you can even highlight and annotate and sync those to Logseq and/or Obsidian

you can do this from Mac, iPad or iPhone if you really want to

I use DEVONthink for this. It is a very powerful reading system.

For instance, I use DEVONthink’s automation capabilities to “stream” highlights out into Markdown:

However, if you don’t already own it, it probably isn’t worth the ticket price just for this use case.

Another option, because PDFs are just files, is simply to use the file system. You could tag items with “to read”, or you could put unread unread items in a certain folder and move them when you’re done. You can use whatever app you want to read them and then use a different app to interact with the annotations… That’s the beauty of files: they allow for permissionless integrations between apps.

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Been looking for something like this for years. The best solution I have found is to save via Mac or iOS to Apple Books whenever I have a PDF I want to read later. Not as smooth as Instapaper but those are my two goto read later tools.

Also to add: Recently I came across the new Matter app and they say that PDF read later support is coming so I started testing it out. Too much clutter and cruft compared to Instapaper so I ditched it (for now).