Readdle apps and Russian aggression in Ukraine

Is anyone concerned about this? The fact that Readdle is based in Ukraine had made me wary of caching credentials in their apps in the past…

They seem to have diversified their locales a bit since this article came out but I wonder about server locations etc.

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Wow, I had no idea they are based in Ukraine!

Nice article. I’m not worried. They are AWS customers so even if they chose to host everything solely in Ukraine region (bad idea under any circumstance due to latency/lack of redundancy) they should be able to switch regions without entirely reconfiguring architecture. I would imagine AWS could help with the logistics in the event of war–but who knows! Pray for peace.


I, too, am not worried about this. However, I am concerned about their safety.


No more than I am using hardware built in China.


I dont think it is just Readdle. I gather setapp and MacPaw are Ukrainian based as well.

It is really very concerning, Good people work at these companies.

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They just talked about this today in a blog post.


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