Readdle Calendars 5

Am I going mad…

Are the two apps the exact same? A one time purchase and a subscription one?

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Yea. The subscription app has access to weather data. The one-time does not. It’s a bit maddening honestly. :joy:

That is madness. Thank you. That’s that one solved.

Apparently I had already paid for it… no idea of when where or how. It’s been a long day…

They had a free offer a while ago for the one-time version. That’s how I own it.

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How do people like Calendars 5? Fantastical gets a lot of hype but I found it too busy.

I’m not a power user but I really like Calendars 5. Widget is nice. Natural language is awesome. Nice views. Fantastical is just too much and too expensive for me.

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