Readdle Calendars launches on MacOS

Looks like a straight port of the iPad app.

Fewer options, features and integrations than Fantastical, but it’s also cheaper (£20/$20 pa)

I’ve been paying for Fantastical for years, but I’ve always admired the week view in the iOS Readdle Calendars app. Bafflingly, no other apps (including Fantastical) offer something similar.

Announcement here: Calendars for Mac: Readdle’s revolutionary on your time management


I’ve been using Spark on both iOS and on Mac and really like it - it has calendar in it - is this basically the same functionality but in a separate app?

The Calendars app does far more than the built-in calendar function in Spark.

Has anyone tried the task scheduling feature? Looks intriguing but there’s no trial afaik

Looks intriguing but there’s no trial afaik

I notice that Readdle offers a 7-day free trial.

p.s. The prices in this screenshot are in CAD. I think an annual Pro subscription is $19.99 USD.